Three Cheese Mushroom Pizza

This is the kind of pizza you make when self care means an evening at home tucked in something delicious. 

This pizza is rich and cozy, deeply comforting, simple-meets-decadent, cheesy, saucy mushrooms on a soft and chewy homemade pizza crust dripping with truffle oil and roasted garlic.


Swipe up for the best pizza dough recipe. Obviously, skip this step if you're using store bought dough or a prepared crust.


Swipe up to make the mushroom ragu. It will take about the same amount of time to make the ragu as you need for the pizza dough to rise.


Cook garlic and herbs in oil until the garlic is starting to turn golden brown. Scoop into a bowl and let cool slightly.


Gently pull and stretch the dough into a 12-inch (approximately) round circle.


Pour the garlic and herb oil over the pizza dough and spread it out so that it covers the dough completely.


Top the crust with mozzarella, goat cheese, and mushroom ragu.


Sprinkle the parmesan cheese evenly over the pizza and slide it into the oven to bake.


Sprinkle the pizza with plenty of chopped chives and fresh herbs and drizzle with truffle oil, and it's time to eat!

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